May 20, 2011

Nature Photography | Crescent Beach, Florida

My family and I have been going to Crescent Beach since we moved to Florida when I was 7 years old. It's "our" beach. I remember sitting in the back of my Dad's beat-up pickup singing, "Lights" by Journey with my Uncle George at the top of our lungs.  My neon yellow walkman.  Driving out with high school friends and talking about our uncertain futures and reading Anais Nin outloud to eachother.  Or, the first time I took my own children there and their delight at chasing waves and clutching sandy shells in their hands.  Luckily, those who truly own this special place of mine:  the beautiful creatures themselves, let us bask in their beauty. Here's a few shots from a recent visit to our special place. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. Julie.. you are a wonderful photographer!!!! WOW..

  2. wow. the avian shots are really truly spectacular and I am captivated. truly. you really capture them beautifully here. LOVE!

  3. i came back just to gaze at these some more. we need to talk print pricing. I think my bday present to myself next year will be to make sure each of these are framed on my walls. they really speak to me as Crescent Beach is my heaven and these pictures are perfection.


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